Snifter Glass

Crystal Brandy Glasses

Bring a sense of elegance and charm to your home through our range of beautiful Crystal Brandy Glasses. The extra thick glass is designed to weigh out the liquor evenly, allowing for a great handing experience when holding and drinking from it.

The easy to clean, dishwasher safe design also allows for a quicker and easier washing up time at the end of a long night! For wholesale retail enquiries on our range of snifter glass range, chat to our team today.

Cognac Crystal Glasses

When you’re seeking a more sophisticated type of glass to serve your cognac in, our crystal glasses are the best way to make a statement. The unique and high-grade look of our glasses makes serving drinks a lot more fun and enjoyable for any occasion.

A classic snifter glass

When it comes to stocking your bar with the most elegant and sophisticated glassware, our high-quality snifter glass products are exactly what you need for it all to come together. Snifter glasses have been a staple in bars, offering users a unique and stylish way to serve and drink aged brown liquors.

Through its short-stemmed, wide bottom and small top design, our sniffer glasses are traditional in structure but unique in quality and style. From straight liquor to cocktail variations, our glasses are the perfect way to make a statement.

Here at Ausfeather, we believe strongly in customer satisfaction. All our products come with a 30-day refund policy, as well as free shipping across Australia.

For more information, please contact our team today.

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