Whisky Decanter

For the ultimate statement piece on your bar cart or dining room table, our Ausfeather glass whisky decanter products are the perfect pieces for your home. Our vast range comes in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs that will suit any type of whiskey.

Made from high-quality glass for the ultimate crystal-clear look, our glassware also comes with a dull polished cover to add an extra shine. All our decanters come with excellent air tightness, keeping your liquor safe with its flavour intact.

The Best Quality Glass Whisky Decanter in Australia

Don’t worry, our beautifully designed crystal whisky decanter set pieces don’t come at a cost! All our products come at affordable prices and are easy to clean once you are finished with them.

Not only do we offer both simplistic and intricate designs for our glasses and decanters, but we also have barware specifically designed from different cultures including Persian, European and Japan. At Ausfeather, we believe all our customers will find the perfect whisky decanter and glass set for their home.

Style Your Home With Our Crystal Whisky Decanter Set pieces

Whether you are looking for a 2 piece or 7 piece decanter and glassware set, our vast range gives our customers plenty of options to suit their needs.

Versatile and unique, we believe you will thoroughly enjoy every use out of an Ausfeather whisky decanter set.  In Australia, we offer free shipping to all our local customers. Not happy with our purchase? Our 30 days refund policy guarantee will give you peace of mind when purchasing a whisky decanter set from us.

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