Glass Measuring Jug

For the most elegant and beautifully designed kitchenware products on the market, our Ausfeather Glass Measuring Jug is the perfect statement piece for everyday use. With a volume of 1000 ml, our jugs are large and versatile enough to be used for measuring all kinds of solids and liquids.

Heat resistant measuring cups

When using our eco-friendly borosilicate glass products, there is no need to worry about potential damage to your benchtops and cupboard shelves. Our Heat Resistant Measuring Cup is strong enough to be heated from direct fire, making less mess and saving you time in the kitchen.

Insulated and safe jugs

Our measuring jugs are safe to use at any temperature, while our easy to grip handle makes handling and pouring easy and stress-free. Our products easy to clean and dishwasher safe, making the clean-up after a long day in the kitchen a lot easier.

30 days refund policy

Not only do we offer free shipping for all customers around Australia, our 30 Days Refund Policy is available for those who aren’t satisfied with the product they receive from us.

For more information or to enquire about wholesale glass measuring jug retail purchases, give our team at Ausfeather a call today.

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