Kitchen Oil Dispenser

Are you looking for stylish new additions to your kitchen that also serve a functional purpose in the space? Then make sure you have a look at the Ausfeather range of premium kitchen oil dispensers.


Glass Oil Dispenser

When you need a good quality glass oil dispenser that will stand out beautifully in your kitchen, the Ausfeather range is perfect for every style of home.

Professionally manufactured and durable, these glass oil dispensers come in a number of designs and styles meaning they will look at home in any kitchen. They also make flavouring or creating your own blends simple and straightforward. You can easily see exactly what is inside with just a glance, meaning there’s no need for ugly labels all over your kitchen.


Oil Dispenser Sets

The oil dispenser sets in our range are made of eco-friendly glass. They’re dishwasher safe and available in a range of styles, making them perfect for home and restaurant use.

As well as oil, our dispenser sets are perfect for soy sauce, vinegar, and more. Buy an oil dispenser set from Ausfeather and put all your favourite seasonings on display!


Glass Oil Pourer

Our glass oil pourers are designed to fit well in your hand, making them easy for everyday cooking use. The simple yet elegant glass oil pourer design will also allow you to see the contents of the bottle more clearly. Choose from a retro-style body design and an Italian style body design, and take advantage of glass oil pourers in small, medium, and large sizes.


Cooking Oil Dispenser Bottles

Here at Ausfeather, we are proud to be a trusted and leading supplier of cooking oil dispenser bottles for all customers. Our in-demand range has something for everyone, with customers able to select the product that best suits their tastes.

Ausfeather offers solutions for individuals who are looking for products for their homes. As well as this, we are a go-to supplier among retailers who are interested in taking advantage of our wholesale supply services.

All Ausfeather orders are covered by our 30-day refund policy, and customers can enjoy free shipping on all deliveries.

For further wholesale or retail enquiries, please contact our team today.

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