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Stylish and functional, these trays will help to ensure that the tea gets where it needs to be without issue. All of our in-demand bamboo tea trays come complete with free shipping and are covered by our 30 day refund policy, meaning our customers can be confident they are investing in a quality product that will take pride of place in their kitchen.

For more information on our available bamboo tea trays, do not hesitate to contact the Ausfeather team today.

Wooden Tea Trays At Affordable Prices

Ausfeather is the name to remember when looking for premium wooden tea trays at competitive prices.

These beautifully crafted trays have a rustic yet stylish look, with the traditional and Japanese products in our range coming with lids that open to reveal a storage compartment.

While we supply individual customers, Ausfeather is also a go-to name for retailers in need of wooden tea trays and glass tea sets available at wholesale prices.

So, when you are looking to impress your guests with a stylish tea set and wooden tea tray, make sure you browse the products available here at Ausfeather. Contact our team to learn more.