Japanese Traditional Grain Patterned Cast Iron Teapot Kettle Brass Cover 1.35L


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In Ancient Times,Chinese People Like To Use Porcelain Teapot For Tea Making,They Call It “Tea Soaking”;But In Japan,People More Like To Use Cast Iron Teapot For Tea Making,They Call It “Tea Boiling”
– 3 Free Gifts Included,Valued Deal!

– Made of High Quality Cast Iron,Long Lasting

– Special Designed Japanese Style Brass Cover

– Japanese Traditional Grain Style Body Pattern,Nice And Simple,Very Popular Style Used In The Temples In Ancient Japan

– High Handle,Easy To Carry

– Reaches A Much Higher Temp Than Normal Teapots,Precision Tea Making For Serious Tea Lovers

– Easy To Clean

– Hand Made,Top Quality

– Can Be Heated On Induction Stove,We Sell Professional Tea Making Induction Stove,Please See Our Store For More Details

– Size [Please See Picture]

– Weight 1540g

– Volume 1.35L
Direction of Use [Please Read Carefully]

– For First Time Use,Put 10g Tea Into The Teapot And Boil,Repeat This Process For 3 Times And Your Iron Teapot Is Ready For Use

– For The Best Tea Making Experience,We Suggest Use Your Teapot Everyday

– Do Not Fill Your Teapot Over 70% As The Water Might Spit Out When Boiling

– Keep It Away From Children,Very Hot When And After Boiling,Yourself Should Be Becareful Too,Always Only Use The Handle When Hot

– Clean And Dry After Everyday’s Use,Never Left Any Water Inside Overnight

– Clean The Teapot With Clear Water Only,Do Not Use Any Detergent As They Might Rust The Teapot

– If U Do Found A Tracy of Rusting,Put 50g Tea Into The Teapot And Let It Boil For 20mins,Then Rest For 5mins,And Then Clean It Up

– If Some Rust Remains,Use Potato Skin To Rub,The Rust Should Came Off Easilly ^_^
If You Found Any Damage When You Received Our Products,Just Take A Photo And Let Us Know
We Will Resend New Pieces To You ASAP